November 19

Catching Up

Oh my goodness.  Raise your hand if you spent waaaaaaay too much at the Sephora VIB Rouge 20% off event last week.

Four boxes.  I couldn’t stop.  Knobby will argue with me all the livelong day about how 20% off a $20 item is just the same as 20% off a $120 item, but no sir . . . saving 20% on that $120 item feels SO MUCH BETTER than some measly $4 off a lip gloss.  He can’t help it — he is logical and rational and all mathy, while when we are talking about cosmetics, it is all about the emotion.

So yes.  I had been “loving” (it is Sephora’s wish list. You “love” it and it shows up with little hearts.) some more pricey things and I figured now was the time to try them.  Tom Ford’s “Velvet Orchid”, a gorgeous highlighting compact by Dior, etc.

But then . . . after the first purchase had been made, I kept thinking about some things I had nixed once I had experienced the Shopping Cart Sticker Shock.  So I threw them into the basket.  Then I got a little antsy when things were going out of stock by the end of the event, and I jumped in again.

You see the monster here.  Four Sephora boxes.  I definitely qualified for another year of VIB Rouge.  We call that . . . accomplishment?


Knobby decided to do some work on my side of our closet, which resulted in expanded purse and shoe shelving, AND hanging space.  Wooo!  After compiling those three gigantic lawn bags of Goodwill donations, plus expanded shelf space, I now have something I’ve never had before — empty room for MORE PURSES.

(You can imagine Knobby’s excitement about THAT.)


It’s gotten cold and frosty, we’ve had some snow, yesterday’s high was 27, the ramp creaks and cracks when we walk down it, etc.  I had hoped to get the “formal garden” in decent shape before the winter, but obviously that ship has sailed.


My vocal coach is in California for a few weeks recording an album, so I have a bit of a vacation.  “Ave Maria” is memorized and waiting for her to help with a bit of pronunciation tweaking and help smoothing out the squawking chicken moment.  Moving on to “Mio Babbino Caro” . . . but . . .


World of Warcraft released their expansion last week, and though we haven’t played for over a year at this point, Knobby bought it for us and we’ve been leveling up.  This was a throw-back to the old nerd days.  He moved his computer up and we set up shop in the guest bedroom, and played for four solid days after he ran out and purchased a kitchencounter-full of unhealthy snack foods for the playing.  Mom got really excited or scared . . . I suppose she thought Minion would be left in a corner with a days-old diaper or something . . . so after much messaging of “Can I come get him  now?  Can I come get him now???” . . . we gave in and she took care of him for a few hours on two days.

For the Horde.


Want some Minion pictures?  Ok, here you go.

Oliver thought that this 78 inch curved 4k (I still call them that, although you see they have changed to “UHDTV”.  The new term just feels wrong.  Like I’m referring to a medical procedure or something.) would be perfect for his nursery.

Minion TV


He is holding the new Speck case for my new Samsung Note 4.  Knobby got a new Moto X at the same time he got my Note4, and he dropped it just a few days later and cracked the screen.  After that, it was time to safety up our phones.  I love that Speck case.  The black lines are rubbery and the grip has proved useful.

We went up on the Parkway to see the last of the leaves.

10-28-14 Parkway 1


He has decided this is a great way to sleep.

11-16-14 Minion Sleeps

You can see here, how unhappy he was to not have gotten any candy for his first Halloween.

Minion Halloween


Now that he’s proficiently sitting up on his own, we ditched the infant bathtub and now he rides into the sunset on his inflatable bath ducky.

11-17-14 Minion Ducky Tub

He’s also incredibly proficient at getting into things like . . . taking all one’s books off of the bookcase, emptying boxes of their contents, playing in the dog’s water dish, etc . . . so he helped Knobby install some child locks on the cabinets.

10-25-14 Minion Helps Install Locks

He eats like a champ.  The pediatrician told us to bypass the Level 3 foods b/c they are, in her words, nasty things.  Instead, she said to have at spaghetti noodles with a little butter, and french fries, etc., so we’ve been sharing bits of lunch and dinner with him.  Honestly, having a baby is not that far from having a dog.  We have to toss the dogs a piece of popcorn, we pop a tiny bit of turkey into his mouth when he gives us a quizzical eye.

He still only has the two little teeth . . . but loves Oragel.

Minion Still Lives with His Parents


So there you go.  Now you’re all caught up.

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November 12

Dressed Like a Daydream

I am usually a TaylorSwift Snob who won’t admit that her radio songs seem to catchily stick in my head. But I’m a fan of the video for her “Blank Space” song. What a gorgeous Ralph-Lauren-Ad-In-The-Key-Of-Pixy, non? Of course, you know my twisted sense of humor.  I also (snob-shame) loved that Carrie Underwood song “Before […]

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November 10

O Mio Babbino

The voice recital complete, now it is time for a new semester of music. First comes the Christmas selection.  I decided on the Bach/Gounod version of “Ave Maria”, which is NOT the “Ave Maria” I chose to play as I walked down the aisle at our wedding. My accompaniment is just a bit slower.  That top […]

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November 9

Mother Vertigo

I’ve been a little busy. And there have been some internal website (uninteresting) things that have been changed. So I haven’t been posting as much as usual. But I will give you this picture, which . . . is tremendously unflattering for me, but I find so hilarious nonetheless. I give you . . . […]

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November 7

Pilgrim Jetta

The other day, I drove the new bumpbump to my voice lesson. When I emerged from tormenting the patrons of the music store in which the lessons take place . . . I found that the day had gotten considerably warmer. I started the car.  After I remembered I had to find a key to […]

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November 2

The Changing of the Seasonal Guard

What with some chilly temperatures recently, which ushered in the two days of snow we are now experiencing (brrrrr) . . . . The changing of the seasonal clothing guard was all go go go. I found this process easier in the Cornfields house. There, I went back and forth between master bed and couch […]

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November 1

Snow and Vertigo

Our first “winter” storm is on the way . . . But for me, vertigo beat it here. Luckily it was close to bedtime. I carried fresh bedding out of the dryer and found that I couldn’t make myself walk straight. I kept veering into the wall. Trying to get back downstairs was even more […]

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October 31

Chipper and Chirpy

Well. I performed this evening in front of a small group of complete and utter strangers. And obviously I survived to tell the tale. Eschewing my operatic Italian piece (“act Julia Child meets Miss Piggy, diva style” my instructor said) . . . I performed my favorite, the “Happy Working Song” from “Enchanted”. I played […]

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October 26

Unexpected Cuisine

We buy a lot on Amazon. There’s the Subscribe and Save, but there’s also the spur of the moment randoms. Thanks to our Prime membership, if we are feeling lazy, or if we can get a much better deal on something . . . . . . Well, we get a lot of Amazon deliveries. […]

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October 24

Minion on a Mission

  I know, I know.  You have given up on me because I have basically fallen off of the planet.   But here, cute baby picture.  That shall distract you and make up for the absence, right? Yes.  He is sitting up all over the place, frequently crashing his head down onto the floor — […]

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