April 17

Stick a Pin in me, I’m done.

Yes, you’re right.

I disappeared.

There we were recapping our jaunt to Atlanta in over five the times it actually TOOK TO MAKE THE TRIP, and I left you before the final installment.

You know what it was?

We went to IKEA.  Yes.  Bow down to the almighty IKEA.

And I got so excited about cheapcheapcheap homegoods and fell in love with some things and brought them home and had Knobby install them and we’re so happy with them and I was going to show you pictures and lists and talk about how they didn’t have this one thing in stock in the color I wanted, but I was so sure I’d go home and order it . . . until they were going to charge me TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE DOLLARS for truck delivery for a one hundred dollar item.

Yes.  A stinking one hundred dollar item.

And I said no sir.

No sir indeed.

Anyway.  That was the last installment.  I’ve spared you numerous pictures about things you could just go to their website or catalog and see for yourself.



Meanwhile, it has been a v.tiring week.

I’ve been switching out the seasonal closets.  What could take a day has now lasted THE whole blooming week.

And it doesn’t really help that usually, this is a fun sort of event.  Not because I have to wash and hang a whole lot of clothes (hate), BUT, because I open the storage containers and ooooh, I forgot about that top!  I love those shoes!  This is my FAVORITE POCKETBOOK!!

You get the point.

But this year . . .this year is just downright DEPRESSING.

Everything is worn out, everything is dowdy.

And it is not like I was not aware that I dress like a dowdy little person . . . it’s just . . . the schtick is even old to ME, now.

If you want to pin something on your LESSONS IN UTTER FUTILITY Pinterest board, here is a good one:

Attempt to sort a ridiculously overstuffed sock drawer at Minion-height . . . while he is awake.



So.  So. Tired.

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April 10

Atlanta: Three

So far . . . We had failed at the Lenox Square Mall operating hours guessing game. But we’d had a lovely surprise of a view in that night’s hotel, we’d easily gotten things accomplished at the Atlanta Passport Agency, we’d walked around the Olympic Centennial Park we’d seen from our room . . . . […]

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April 5

Atlanta: Two

After failing at the Lenox Square Mall Closing Time guessing game, (that should be trademarked) we made our way to our hotel and checked in somewhere between 9:30 and 10. We had been back and forth our typical 21254 times about the hotel. Knobby learned there would be travelling that would require a passport. He […]

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April 4

Atlanta: One

We went on an extremely impromtu trip this past week. We needed an expedited passport, and the closest office to acquire one is in Atlanta. An appointment was made, and off we went.  I was going to be very low-key, very inexpensive (ha), but then before we left, Knobby sent me a link to the […]

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March 29

Spring Snow and the Little Stinker

The warm weather and open windows was a fluke. The past few days have leapt down into the 30s and 40s. Last night we went to Target to pick up some milk for Minion, and lo and behold, it was snowing.   Dogwoods in the snow.  That wind was fierce, too. Minion sure does know […]

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March 25

Spring Sprung

Whether we realized it or not, Spring has sprung. It brings a lift in the spirits, a desire to attack and air the house, and projects. The house smells of delicious lemon and lavender cleaning products.  I depend daily on: Method Kitchen Hand Wash (lemongrass),   Williams-Sonoma Meyer Lemon Dish Soap (my mother so loved […]

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March 20

Stop It.

By five o’clock this afternoon, I’d had what felt like a week’s worth of whiny, crying NEEDing behavior from the Minion. It was a never-ending circle.  Say he was in the pack and play, crying to get out.  So you take him out and put him on the floor in the middle of the flood […]

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March 16

YAY! Yay? Yay.

Knobby put up screens yesterday and we opened the windows to let the house air out.  So few in-between days to do this . . . so many for us are insufferably hot or intolerably cold.  It’s always nice to feel the breeze blow through on these rare days. It has been a rough time […]

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March 13


Run fast as you can No one else has to understand Fly high across the sky from here to kingdom come Fall back down to where you’re from Don’t you fret, my dear It’ll all be over soon I’ll be waiting here for you For you, for you

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March 11

Pur Dicesti

New song for Voice. Pur dicesti, o bocca bella, Quel soave e caro sì, Che fa tutto il mio piacer. Per onor di sua facella Con un bacio Amor t’aprì, Dolce fonte del goder, ah! After working on opera, I am loving this song.  It is fun and easy, and reminds me of a cheery […]

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