July 22

Amarilli mia bella.

Started new songs.

This is the first run at one. Amarilli mia bella. One of the inescapable 24 Italian Songs.

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July 11

Renovation Relics and Tubthumping

I told Mom the other night, that perhaps Mimi did NOT approve of my painting the doors and trim all white, and she was expressing her displeasure by striking down all these necessaries in our house. (I was only half joking.  You don’t mess with Mimi, here or in Heaven. She will take you OR […]

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July 7

All I Have to Say About That.

Well. I have more bad news. In review: MasterBath plumbing bit the dust and we have to at the VERY least replace all the bath faucet whatevers, which also involves replacing the tile.   “Ok”, we said, “we need to do that anyway b/c the grout is gone and we know from the window install […]

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July 4

Valium. Vicodin. Vodka.

Isn’t there a saying, about how bad things happen in threes?  Almost immediately after the entry level sedan windows were installed in our house, some parts of our main bathtub plumbing gave up the ghost.  I can only assume that they were envious that the original windows got to stop working after so many years […]

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June 25


The previous post’s song was for that late night ritual, The way you’d lay in bed as a teenager, Lights out, House still, Staring at the ceiling, Your cd player whirling, Studio headphones on, Revelations and Relaxation. This song, though — This is for the morning, Drinking your coffee, Facing a day of chores, Swooping […]

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June 25


To my relatives: Expletives. You can avoid. (The soaring nature shots are calming, but I find the strange boy distracting.) (Isn’t THAT my entire social biographical discourse.) (Is he wearing Ducky’s shoes from Pretty in Pink?) (And what is this haircut? And the emoexpressions? Wait, is this a male?) (I HAZ SO MANY QUESTIONS.) —- […]

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June 24

Minion Goes to a Wedding

  My cousin got married last weekend.  We were the worst wedding guests. I was actually quite on top of things . . . Minion had stayed overnight at GrannyB’s, and she dropped him off about two hours before go-time.  I’d already checked driving times via the Googles, and I was calling out our time […]

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June 15


I’m still working on making all our varnished wood trim a bright clean crisp glorious white. Tonight I finished the first coat of alllllll the trim around the doors on the first floor hallway.  The dark navy hallway. The white frames light up that dark dark hallway like a flashlight. I LOVE IT.

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June 9

Little. Gray. Birds.

Not much new to talk about. ~Still deciding what to sing next; have narrowed it down to four (maybe five) songs so far.  One song has three different languages in normal usage . . . one of them being English.  I record little trial runs to see if each song is remotely suitable and/or too […]

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June 1


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