December 17

Tick Tick Tick, Boom.

I have a Christmas recital coming up very soon.

Tick tick tick.

I’m supposed to sound like this:

Hint: I do not.

Three weeks’ worth of guidance (once a week) do not make me feel very stable about having to make this song work in a crowd of people.

I worry about this way . . .  way more than what I’m going to wear.

(Although I worry a lot about what I’m going to wear, too.)


I’ll have something of a real recap up for you soon . . . but it’s been all-practicing, all-WoW-playing all around here.


12-15-14 OliverWindowStands

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December 9

Material Pixy

1.  At some point during the Thanksgiving festivities, Knobby made some comment about that little TTS that I had circled at the Audi lot when he bought the Jetta. It was an odd comment . . . odd because it didn’t have the usual tone of the button-pushing we tend to perform.  Further pressing revealed that […]

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December 2

Tis the Season for Sephora

We went to Garm and PopPop’s house for Thanksgiving this year. I had some returns from my four boxes of Sephora goodness (shock), and I hoped to hit their mall as we drove in on Wednesday night.  Obviously — they have a store, and we don’t. We were running late, and the thought of going […]

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November 19

Catching Up

Oh my goodness.  Raise your hand if you spent waaaaaaay too much at the Sephora VIB Rouge 20% off event last week. Four boxes.  I couldn’t stop.  Knobby will argue with me all the livelong day about how 20% off a $20 item is just the same as 20% off a $120 item, but no […]

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November 12

Dressed Like a Daydream

I am usually a TaylorSwift Snob who won’t admit that her radio songs seem to catchily stick in my head. But I’m a fan of the video for her “Blank Space” song. What a gorgeous Ralph-Lauren-Ad-In-The-Key-Of-Pixy, non? Of course, you know my twisted sense of humor.  I also (snob-shame) loved that Carrie Underwood song “Before […]

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November 10

O Mio Babbino

The voice recital complete, now it is time for a new semester of music. First comes the Christmas selection.  I decided on the Bach/Gounod version of “Ave Maria”, which is NOT the “Ave Maria” I chose to play as I walked down the aisle at our wedding. My accompaniment is just a bit slower.  That top […]

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November 9

Mother Vertigo

I’ve been a little busy. And there have been some internal website (uninteresting) things that have been changed. So I haven’t been posting as much as usual. But I will give you this picture, which . . . is tremendously unflattering for me, but I find so hilarious nonetheless. I give you . . . […]

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November 7

Pilgrim Jetta

The other day, I drove the new bumpbump to my voice lesson. When I emerged from tormenting the patrons of the music store in which the lessons take place . . . I found that the day had gotten considerably warmer. I started the car.  After I remembered I had to find a key to […]

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November 2

The Changing of the Seasonal Guard

What with some chilly temperatures recently, which ushered in the two days of snow we are now experiencing (brrrrr) . . . . The changing of the seasonal clothing guard was all go go go. I found this process easier in the Cornfields house. There, I went back and forth between master bed and couch […]

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November 1

Snow and Vertigo

Our first “winter” storm is on the way . . . But for me, vertigo beat it here. Luckily it was close to bedtime. I carried fresh bedding out of the dryer and found that I couldn’t make myself walk straight. I kept veering into the wall. Trying to get back downstairs was even more […]

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