February 23

Doozy of a Day


Today.  Was.  A.  Doozy.

There was nothing special in particular . . . Minion played a lot, slept a little.  I think he must be going through a growth spurt because there was a constant sense of underlying fuss really close to his surface.  We were just barely fending it off through most of the day.

By eight tonight, I was watching that clock and willing it to leap forward to bottle and bedtime.  Which is unfortunate, because bottle time was a distant two and a half hours away.

I had been planning on painting once he went to bed, so that he wouldn’t be exposed to the paint fumes . . . but . . . no.  By the time I dealt with the screaming of bottle time and the fighting of night nappy and sleepsack time . . . I came back downstairs and collapsed in front of my screen and could not manage anything more but staring at Netflix.

My lip gloss is within reach . . . but I canNOT will myself to reach for it much less apply it.  And my lips are very chapped.

This is the pathetic state I am experiencing, where I cannot even will myself to get up and climb the stairs.  Even though upstairs is all pampering.  Upstairs is my LAFCO State Room candle on the nightstand . . . the blend of red ginger, aged cognac, and tonka bean is so delicious and soothing.

(I alternate State Room with Media Room (a medicinal/spa-like strong spike lavender) and sometimes Ski House (feu de bois).  Downstairs I use Guest Room (Daffodil), Country House (English Ivy), Ranch House (sagebrush, airy, and I imagine a touch of leather), and Farm House (wheat, earth, nutmeg).  All LAFCO.  I feel I am forgetting something.  Oh, the somewhat disappointing Club Room (rare oud wood and sandalwood with a touch of jasmine.  It is . . . a bit powdery.).  And more on my wish list — Powder Room (duchess peony), Family Room (cortland apple), Den (redwood), Library (sage and walnut) . . .  I might have a bit of a candle problem.)

Upstairs is my end of the day ritual.  I wash my face and apply alternating Dior and Chanel face cream.  I apply a thick coat of Fresh Sugar lip balm that is ever so slightly lemony.  I lay on my heating pad.  I slather on my Kiehls whipped Creme de Corps.  I watch and delete at least one recording from my DVR.  I dive into a few chapters of whatever is on top of the big stack of books on the nightstand.

Upstairs is my dreamy Tempurpedic bed with Ergo base.  My soft and furry flannel houndstooth sheets.  My soft nightgowns and cozy socks.

Upstairs is everything I want at the end of the day.

Upstairs . . . ok, I’ve convinced myself, motivated myself enough to push for the upstairs sanctuary.

Annnnnnnnd . . . GO.

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February 22

Icepocalypse and the Thorny Thorns

You may have heard of, or participated in, this little thing we have experienced this past week called the Icepocalypse. Started snowing on my way to voice on Monday, snowed hard that night, snow turned to ice needles that could truly pierce your skin, and by the time we woke up on Tuesday . . […]

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February 9

No Bugs for a Lady

Ladybugs. Tiny little creatures. One of the least threatening creatures that grace this earth, for sure. But I am really hating on the ladybugs right now. For several months, ladybugs have tried to take over our home. -They fly at you in the shower.  Three centimeters of non-biting, non-stinging creature isn’t threatening . . . […]

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February 6

Feel the Frenzy

Alright . . .TGIF, it’s time for a weekly recap. 1.  Woke up to snow on Monday morning. It was quite a surprise, since the forecast the night before had mentioned nothing whatsoever about snow, and had indicated it would be much, much warmer.  I had to go out for my voice coach that day, […]

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January 30

Minion: One Year

Minion’s first birthday was this week. We had a small celebration . . . cake is a must (for Knobby), but there was no Minion-smashing of the cake as people like to do. In fact, he wouldn’t even touch it.  Which was an anomaly, since usually he is trying to grab ALL THE THINGS in whatever […]

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January 23

Song to the Moon

There is such beauty to find in this new opera venture of mine. Almost every day . . . something new, something beautiful I want to learn. And I’m so grateful that I’ve been blessed with this coloratura soprano ability. And so grateful my husband urged me to try voice lessons . . . which […]

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January 18

Sunday ShortList

Weekend Recap: Let’s see . . . We: 1.  Picked up my carpet samples from the second store on Friday with about five minutes to spare before closing time.  Took them to the first store for comparison.  Took approximately 32983654 pictures so could debate further when home. 2.  Despite this and carrying them all around […]

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January 17

Queens of the Night

This has been most of my week. Alrighty then.

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January 12

Of Choirs and Carpets

I am having a devil of a time deciding on carpet. I could bore you to tears . . . so, simply.  I have always lived on a beige carpet.  I have never really had much say in that matter. For Christmas, my big surprise was Knobby telling me we were going to carpet the […]

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January 8

Service Singalong

Well, we’re not getting the Jeep back today, either. It had been intermittently (but more often than not) been popping up a “Service needed for 4×4″ message on the dash, and disabling the traction control.  The message was annoying, and obviously the traction disabling didn’t make me think comfy thoughts about riding in it, either. […]

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