March 29

Spring Snow and the Little Stinker

The warm weather and open windows was a fluke.

The past few days have leapt down into the 30s and 40s.

Last night we went to Target to pick up some milk for Minion, and lo and behold, it was snowing.

3-27-15 Dogwood Snow


Dogwoods in the snow.  That wind was fierce, too.

Minion sure does know how to shop though.

3-27-15 Minion Shops

The boy was in his frog-footed pajamas, had the sunshield up to protect him from the wind, AND was snuggled under a nice thick furry blanket.

If only we could all shop like that.  Oh wait . . . the Internet!   Yesss.


Some of you have been asking about The Thorns . . . why no stories about them.

Thorns have been somewhat calm lately . . . but perhaps that was because the gate was down for the past month.

Yes.  That IS probably it . . . because Knobby fixed the gate yesterday.  He came back up, we had dinner, then set out for Target.

I’d seen lots of lights on the driveway as I fed Minion, so I “bet” Knobby how many cars would be parked in our driveway.

I bet too low.  Silly Pixy.

We approached the gate to find that . . . it SEEMS (we cannot be sure) . . . that, for some really dumb reason, one of the visitors . . . decided they’d PUSH the gate open.

With the motorized arm and all . . .this is a big no-no.  We sat there and cycled it closed and open and closed etc . . . and it worked fine.  So perhaps it was some mechanical fluke.

But I don’t fall for that.

When we returned, there were even MORE cars in our drive.

3-27-15 Driveway Parking Lot


Here we were, approaching the big curve, which had MORE cars past the blue — you can see the yellow front reflector there to the right.  Please excuse my craptastic flash-flooded picture here.  Knobby didn’t want me complaining.

But when people were using the driveway as a PARKING LOT, he couldn’t exactly go faster than a crawl, you know. S0 . . . HA.

I don’t complain, Knobby . . . I give you the Miss Piggy Scowl and mutter all sorts of comments about how we are far from our college days and this sort of willy-nilly house party streetparking of one’s crappy college car all smashed up in other people’s bumpers (like, seriously.  not an inch between them, all violating the bumpers of others, it’s appalling), while I entertain wistful thoughts of flamethrowers and bulldozers.

And snap craptastic flash pictures like a technologically-vapid tourist.  Obviously.


Yesterday I was typing away at my desk, here in the guest room, and some suspicious noises made me turn around.  To find this:

3-24-15 Minion Climbs


The large box underneath him is my preserved wedding gown box from J.Scheer in New York.  And I do not know how he did this, but he pulled that diaper box all by himself, from where it was sitting on top of the Huggies wipes box.

My little closet project got postponed, so the gown had nowhere to go — there are SO few places one can put such a large box that has to stay flat and can’t be in moisture, after all.

The room looks a mess . . . well, that’s what happens when the MinionCyclone wakes.  You survive the day, you put him to bed, come back downstairs, and drag yourself around putting all the toys in baskets or on tables or wherever they go.  You briefly feel orderly calm . . . but when he wakes in the morning, the toys have exploded once again.  Sometimes before he’s even had his breakfast bottle.

Just take your Valium.

This guest bed is frequently my saviour.  Sometimes because it is a place to throw the box where he cannot climb on it . . . others, just because hallelujah, I can creep from my desk to the bed when he takes a nap in the pack and play.  And it is so merciful to LAY DOWN and stare at the ceiling.  Whew.


You’ve asked for a Minion Update.  Minion is:

~Zooming around “walking” by pushing laundry baskets, chairs, diaper boxes, everything.  Laps around the house.

3-19-15 Run Minion Run

~Almost confident to stand without touching anything.  He’s getting braver about turning loose of things and making it from one prop to another.

~Babbling incoherent sentences.

~”Hugging” by putting his head down against your shoulder.  Or bowing his head and pushing his forehead against yours while he’s being held.

~Trying to play with Coco so desperately.  He is a bit slappy with his hands still, so you almost can’t blame her, but she won’t even give him a chance when he goes down and lies next to her on the floor.  He’s trying to lay there on his stomach, propped up on his elbows, kicking his feet . . . as children would do to discuss whatever children discuss.  She may stay still for 20 seconds but is soon deserting him.  It’s a little sad scene for him, honestly.

~Slowly learning that if you climb up on something . . . you have to be really careful how you climb DOWN from it as well.  Climbs up in Coco’s foot-high bed (it’s a little miniature bedframe and all), whether she’s there or not, and thinks he is the cat’s pajamas.  He used to swan dive right off the edge . .. but he dismounted twice today successfully.

And finally for the night . . .

~Is “brushing” his hair with a comb and teeth with a baby toothbrush.  Acts as though this is the PINNACLE of his fun for the day.

(This makes the comb and toothbrush FANTASTIC diversions while he is on the changing table.  Lessens the crocodile rolls.)

Little Stinker.

3-20-15 Brunching

He’s so much fun.


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March 25

Spring Sprung

Whether we realized it or not, Spring has sprung. It brings a lift in the spirits, a desire to attack and air the house, and projects. The house smells of delicious lemon and lavender cleaning products.  I depend daily on: Method Kitchen Hand Wash (lemongrass),   Williams-Sonoma Meyer Lemon Dish Soap (my mother so loved […]

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March 20

Stop It.

By five o’clock this afternoon, I’d had what felt like a week’s worth of whiny, crying NEEDing behavior from the Minion. It was a never-ending circle.  Say he was in the pack and play, crying to get out.  So you take him out and put him on the floor in the middle of the flood […]

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March 16

YAY! Yay? Yay.

Knobby put up screens yesterday and we opened the windows to let the house air out.  So few in-between days to do this . . . so many for us are insufferably hot or intolerably cold.  It’s always nice to feel the breeze blow through on these rare days. It has been a rough time […]

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March 13


Run fast as you can No one else has to understand Fly high across the sky from here to kingdom come Fall back down to where you’re from Don’t you fret, my dear It’ll all be over soon I’ll be waiting here for you For you, for you

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March 11

Pur Dicesti

New song for Voice. Pur dicesti, o bocca bella, Quel soave e caro sì, Che fa tutto il mio piacer. Per onor di sua facella Con un bacio Amor t’aprì, Dolce fonte del goder, ah! After working on opera, I am loving this song.  It is fun and easy, and reminds me of a cheery […]

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March 10

Verdant Fields of Grain

This stinker. I spent the first four months of his life trying to encourage him to use a dummy instead of his fingers. Now, NOW the child has joyfully discovered the dummy.  He chews on it while teething. He also: ~Will stand without holding on to something, but isn’t confident enough to move without support. […]

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March 6

Forget Campers

I’ve woken up early this morning. I blame my tiny bladder. Laid in bed waiting for sleep to return, but that was a hopeless cause. Drank many sips of water hoping to eradicate the feeling that my innards were as dry as a saltine cracker. Gave up on sleep, dragged myself out of oven-temperature covers […]

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March 5

Charge of the Light Brigade.

Oy. It’s been a long time since I last posted! Let’s see.  Knobby went away to work in The Cornfields for two weeks. The day after he left (Monday) we had an ice storm, followed by snow. The ice was a beast and stuck around in our 10 and 20 degree temps until we got […]

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February 23

Doozy of a Day

Oof. Today.  Was.  A.  Doozy. There was nothing special in particular . . . Minion played a lot, slept a little.  I think he must be going through a growth spurt because there was a constant sense of underlying fuss really close to his surface.  We were just barely fending it off through most of […]

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