May 26

Whirlwind Week

We had a very busy week leading up to the Memorial Day holiday.

There were doctor appointments, beauty appointments, Knobby felt like going for multi-hour shopping trips that left us arriving home worn out (Shopping is hard, yo.), I had my shattered crown taken off and replaced with the temporary new crown, Knobby got a smartwatch and now I want one too, I had my Spring voice recital, we attempted to hang a tv on our slanted bedroom wall, I fell in love with a refrigerator (FINALLY), and the weekend ended with a midnight trip to the ER for Minion.


Oh yes.  It was very busy.  The sort of week that leaves me reeeeeally thankful that I have very little to do THIS week.

Spring Recital:  I learned the week before this recital that it was happening.  I’d taken a picture of the schedule, but never actually put any of the dates on my calendar.  Wasn’t THAT a lovely surprise.  Not to mention that I was ALSO told that I would be acting as the “Grand Finale”.

Nothing qualifies for a Valium more than “oh hey, you’re going to be the last person these people hear”.  I kept in mind that this was a no-assumptions crowd of parents that didn’t expect perfection and all.  It is, after all, a class recital, and class = work-in-progress.  But still.  It was a lovely bit of cynical humor to toss in while the dreadful date approached.  “Pixy, the GRAAAAAHND FINAAAAAAAHLE”, etc.

With this one-week warning also came the realization that I had nothing to wear.  Knobby was out of town, my parents were out of town, and I really didn’t feel like trying to brave stores and changing rooms with Minion in tow, so I picked a slew of black dresses on sale at Loft and Soma – multiple sizes of each – and had them overnighted.  You know you can never depend on ordering ONE dress and having it magically work.

Except.  The very first dress from all these overnighted packages worked.  Of course.  But if I hadn’t given myself the selection, it wouldn’t have worked, because that’s how life gets its jollies.

I felt fairly calm, going in, warming up, sitting and waiting for things to begin.  I even felt pretty calm (compared to what I always expect) once I stood at the front of the room as the music started and I looked at the audience for the first time.  I had felt a little scratchy throat and had a bit of voice breaking as I practiced at home beforehand, but I hadn’t eaten all day (dairy and gluten and whatnot are forbidden, so I usually take coffee (withOUT cream – a true sacrifice) and then sip Earl Grey to keep me going . . . so I was feeling capable about the highest notes.  Confident, not cocky.  Just . . . unlike the Christmas recital . . . prepared enough so that it would not be a completely embarrassing fiasco.

I’m never great on the takeoff, but things were going fine until a few seconds in, when nerves kicked in.  I don’t know WHY they started, because it was a small crowd and I knew no one else.  It’s easier to sing for strangers because theoretically you tell yourself you will never have to see them again.  Plus, I took my glasses off  (I tend to feel trapped with them, don’t like eating or performing or even interacting with them on my face), so the place was a blur.  Regardless, the nerves insisted on making their appearance, and you can tell exactly where they kicked in, because in addition to the lovely trembling like a leaf sensation where you feel you might just melt into your heels, that very second my voice flew off of notes that were SO EASY to me. My internal WTH process at those mis-notes then interrupted my focus on pronunciation.  Being undermined by my own nerves is so aggravating, because I really had this down in practice.

(Sorry, can’t make this smaller.)

The “Grand Finale” was worse.  Pronunciation, breathing, emphasis.  All of it.

But, it could have possibly gone much worse, so afterwards I shot straight to the car and we went to the Bistro for the most delicious steak ever.  EVAR.  Such a relief when it is over and the outcome is discovered.  You can celebrate OR bury your failures in a cocktail . . .either way, the hurdle is past!  Hurrah!

So that’s where we are at nine months of lessons.  Five (and a half) songs down, and we’re tackling German instead of easy Italian.

Oh, and Minion had an accomplishment of his own that night.  I’ve been shamefully lax on working him into the world of straws instead of bottles . . . but there at dinner he began properly using the straw like nobody’s business.  Milestones, the both of us.


Refrigerator:  Knobby picked up a Moto360 smartwatch earlier in the week and has been liking (and using) it more than expected.  Me, I didn’t really see the point of it when he started singling it out in stores a few months ago, but now that he had one, I started to want one.  I don’t like the round face of that Moto360, so he took me to BestBuy to get a feel for one of the rectangular types.

Instead I found this.  And it was love at first sight.

Until now, I’ve thought these five-door fridges were too busy.  But I like all these handles.  Handles are so important, and I have never liked these curvy ones you mostly find . . . I like the straight sturdy handles that take their cues from more commercial appliances.



The red ends of the handles POP out at you in person.  It makes an interesting little burst against all the stainless.



I love the difference of the textured handles, too.  It looks good, adds that texture for interest, and it feels good, too.



The interior is platinum, which first you might read that and think “so?” . . . but when you open this, then open the door to a ubiquitous white plastic interior, you are so disappointed.  You come back to this refrigerator, you open the doors wide, the angels sing, and you are lulled into a sense of luxury here. These shelf edges are a brushed silver . . .





But the interior drawers there, you might notice they have these knobs which have the same texture as the door handles.



This also feels wonderfully different, to pull open the drawers with those knobs.

And of course, it did not escape my attention that approaching this fridge from the right side was exactly how it would be seen in my own kitchen, entering from the hallway.

And what REALLY struck me there, was how good those red handle-tips look . . . but how COMPLETE it felt being side by side with the matching range.  Since ours are pretty close together . . . it was simple to visualize.  They had to go together!  Any other type handle on the neighbor stove would detract from this beautiful first impression of the red edges.



(Oh. Yeah.  And there’s a matching microwave . . . although we just bought one and had the grueling experience of installing it via reimagined cabinetry.)

(Oh. Yeah.  And there’s a matching dishwasher, too . . . while we may suck it up and get the microwave — since it is directly over the stove — I cannot even wildly entertain the notion of ditching that very nice Bosch we also recently purchased.)

But oh, so divine.  Appliance Lust.


Then we finished the holiday off by Minion falling and biting into his lip.  It happened while Knobby was in charge (I was shaving and bathing Coco) . . . and he mentioned it when I came down . . .and then I noticed a few minutes (or twenty) later, while I was changing him for bed . . . that his mouth was still full of blood.  Dark blood that was quickly seeping from his top two teeth.  Pulling up his lip, it looked like he had bitten THROUGH the lip and gotten a big portion of it stuck between his teeth.

It really wasn’t . . . he’d bitten a big flap out of his upper lip . . . but off we went to the ER anyway, and came home plying him with popsicles and puppy blankets.

A whirlwind week, that’s for sure.

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May 15

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May 9

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May 5

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May 4


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May 2


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April 28


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April 27


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April 17

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April 10

Atlanta: Three

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