July 27

Joy Enriquez – Hallelujah

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June 26

Church and State

The phrase For which you look Is: “Going to Hell in a Handbasket” For 1000, Alex. (And may our forefathers spike you with pitchforks, all along your way.)  

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June 21


We made our song choices this week. Sat and chatted about things that had improved, things to improve. Coach had sent me some ideas, and we debated those with some YouTubes that led to other ideas. While listening/watching the links she had sent in that idea email, I’d YouTubeVortexed into this song . . . […]

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June 18

Valium for GrandmaPixy

I’m not v.interesting lately, am I. I feel tired, and don’t get great sleep.  I ache all over . . . at times my joints, especially my thumbs, feel warm and bother me . . . my right shoulder, I don’t know WHAT I’ve done to it but when trying to push myself up off […]

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June 10

“Cest la fille dun roi.”

I suppose you have given up on me, I’ve been absent from the blog for so long. But I’m still here.  Just busy, or resting from the busy. I’ve had a little break from Voice, since the recital.  I resume lessons soon, and I’ve been deliberating what we will tackle next.  I found myself stuck […]

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May 26

Whirlwind Week

We had a very busy week leading up to the Memorial Day holiday. There were doctor appointments, beauty appointments, Knobby felt like going for multi-hour shopping trips that left us arriving home worn out (Shopping is hard, yo.), I had my shattered crown taken off and replaced with the temporary new crown, Knobby got a […]

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May 15

Happy Birthday Week

Busy busy busy. Mother’s Day, then my Birthday. A squirrel on the power line prevented us from making church on Mother’s Day, and on my birthday I had to get up early for a hair cut and color, then visit to my doctor. The doctor’s visit was quite a rigamarole.  At my last appointment, I […]

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May 9

TGI Everyday

Oh, Friday. You seem like you would be the old joyous Friday I once knew . . . but when you’re a housewife mom, and your husband works from home . . . the everyday tends to be . . . every day. Minion won’t sleep any longer.  Or demand less attention.  The house won’t […]

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May 5

Through Cancer and Carelessness

Well, that was exciting. Not many minutes after writing the last post, Knobby came up and indulged in a little bedtime snack. Cake. Afterwards, he set the plate down on the kitchen countertop and put Ava on the counter to lick the plate. I was still sitting at my computer, in another room.  I heard […]

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May 4


Nothing will wake one up three whole hours earlier than they are used to waking . . . . . . like one’s husband emerging from his ComputerCave at two in the morning — just as one was ready for bed — and greeting you with “Oh hey, so I just remembered the DirecTV guy […]

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