November 13

Exhilarated Relief

Tremendous relief.

Tremendous exhilaration.

Recital time is quickly bearing down on me, and I have spent So. Much. Time. on my main piece.

So. Much. Time. being from the first of June through now.  

(We did spend about a month on Standards for a little open mic night at a cocktail bar/coffeehouse that fell through, and I missed a handful of lessons with all the medical drama and other whatnots, but that is STILL a whole lot of time I’ve spent on this song.)

Just this week I was at that point where I’ve practiced, I’ve studied other singers, I’ve listened to the same stinking accompaniment track about a million time.  And the same stinking spots of the song were giving me the same stinking problems.  

You hit the figurative wall.  You may stop singing, cold turkey, for a few days.  You won’t even hum a Top40 tune. 


You delve into this coma.  This tunnel.  Think of an indoor firing range, the straight aisle between where you stand in your little cubical, and the distant sheet of paper which serves as your target.  Round on repeat, your song plays, and you fire out the lyrics without so much as a thought.  

Over and over.  And over.  And over.  

Your voice doesn’t improve.  You make everything worse, actually, because now your throat feels raw and you are so tired.  So stinking tired.  Malaised fatigue.  You’re done with this song, you will never ever grasp the magic solution which would make you sound like the amazing opera singer you’ve been studying.

I said it this week.  I said “I am quite tired of singing to this moon”.

And that probably reads as very staid and boring a quote to make, all Jane Banks in Mary Poppins and all, but no, it was made in my British Edwardian Queen of the Socialites mode.  As if I was bossing around a wayward ladies’ maid, or snubbing a nouveau riche buccaneer. 

Now read it.  

“I am QUITE tired of singing to THIS MOON.”

(That nouveau riche social-climbing nobody MOON!)

Good grief.  I really DID mean for this to be a quick few-sentence post, but look how we got bogged down in All The Words.  

Point being.  

I was at the end of my song rope.  Nervous and dwelling on all the exit strategies I could employ to escape performing.

The day turned into this long uncharacteristic day which saw me battling my way through the woods around the house, helping Knobby prep for a big project which gets started tomorrow.  We tried to make it to the dump but ran out of time.  Then we borrowed a trailer, went to Home Depot for project materials,  dropped the trailer off at the house, and went BACK to HD to haul ANOTHER trailer — this one with machinery — to the house.  It was a long day.  No time for the usual routine, which is a whole lot of sitting/laying about the house, checking the internet every five minutes, etc.

Came home, so tired.  Sat at computer “just for a minute”, played the accompaniment track out of habit . . . . BOOM.  

The solution finally clicked.  

Glory, glory, hallelujah.

Mesicku . . . nezhasni . . . nezhasni . . . Mesicku, nezhasni!!

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November 5

Solveig’s Song

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October 14

Fall 2015 Recital Prep

Music. Had a master class the other week. I had a make-up lesson right before . . . I did fine during the lesson, but the master class performance was not so great. It was nerves.  I had nothing to be nervous about . . . seven, eight people total, simply sitting around a living […]

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October 13

BeautyBlogging Step One

You’d think . . . . . . when a “Beauty Vlogger” was filming her review of a well-known cosmetic line . . . . . . that she could at least go to the trouble to learn how to pronounce the name of the line, beforehand.  

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September 20

The Verdict

Friday, we had our second appointment with my Rheumatologist. Two weeks ago, he had predicted Rheumatoid Arthritis but ordered up a platter of tests for the sake of confirmation.  This was our meeting to review the results and begin a treatment plan. Honestly, I had not given the diagnosis a lot of weight in my […]

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September 11

Push Me.

Between laying on my heating pad to abet this arthritis business, and spending one and a half weeks in a hotel with no pause-and-play. I have been watching a lot of television. With television inevitably comes commercials. And, so. It still evades my understanding. How a Ford Edge would be anyone’s “Fight Song”. —– (After […]

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September 9

Coughing Fit

While unpacking from our trips, I had a coughing fit. It was that lovely sort of ladylike coughing fit which caused me to fear that I would open my eyes after the current cough and see my very lungs on the floor in front of me. I survived, though . . . (Drama-free Pixy) and […]

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September 7

Such a Pain in the Neck.

I am quite tired. We have been away for the past two weeks.  Business trip. Unfortunately, that meant that we were not with Ava when she left us . . . but she was at Garm and PopPop’s house — and you know how grandparents spoil! —  so we know that she was coddled.  I’ve […]

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August 31

Well Bred

Ava died in her sleep on Saturday night/Sunday morning.   For twelve years she was the littlest lady in our household.   Never “just a dog” . . . Ava was more human than canine.  And attitude!  Ava had attitude.   I brought her home from the breeder, and we lived in Mimi’s basement apartment. […]

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August 15

Aluminum and Tin

Oh blog, how I have forsaken thee. Let’s catch up. Yesterday was our tenth wedding anniversary. We kept it low-key.  Mom kept Minion so we got to sleep in, we laid about lazily, then finally got up. Knobby surprised me with this gorgeous little ring I’d found months ago in an estate jewelry store (sneaky […]

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