May 27

A Tolerant Society

I read this comment on one of my political sites during all the window work.

I have forgotten which one I snipped this from, and I do not know who this poster is.  (Besides “aquacat”, of course.)

Sometimes others are able to word your own thoughts in a better, more succinct sentence.

So, thank you for this, “aquacat”.

(I added some punctuation because . . . well, me:  EnglishMajorOCDExtraordinaire.  Obviously.)


“You know, I used to be a much more tolerant person about all the issues — whether they be gender or race issues — that are currently being shoved down my throat.  I went out of my way to frame these issues in my mind, so that I could see their place in my society and ensure that I did not discriminate against these groups.  I am finding my tolerance ebbing away with all the aggressive tactics taken by these groups to somehow establish their dominance in our society.  It seems for them to be happy, I have to not only accept them and treat them with respect, but I must bow down to their ideas or demands, or be considered some sort of phobe or bigot.  This is not how you build a tolerant society.”





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May 24

Ruinous Recitals and Routine Renovations

Oh my word. The Recital:  Disastrous.  As in:  I was a disaster. This was the first recital I’ve had to pay to attend. Yes, pay.  And on top of that, expected to bring something for the reception buffet. So, it’s hilariously, maniacally so, THE WORST . . . AND the most expensive to boot. I’m […]

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May 12

Il Bacio BDay MidWay

****Silly me, I thought this was . . . tolerable . . . but today during my lesson was told that she was so frustrated that I kept swallowing all my sound, and that she wanted to shake the “fairy voice” right out of me, b/c she hears the proper operatic diva sound IS in […]

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May 8

We All Scream for Ice Cream

My voice lessons are still going strong. Nothing remarkable about that, really.  Most weeks see SOME improvement somewhere, but like most things it is also a slow process. I use my microphone and a few bits of recording equipment to get some outside perspective of how I sound.   Obviously this is almost always a […]

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April 27

20 Years

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April 19

So We Begin.

I’ve debated and procrastinated putting this out there. But. Ultimately.  The argument that always wins is the one about how you can’t know how far you’ve come, until you see where you started. So. No matter how mortifying . . . this is where I am, at the beginning of learning a song. English is […]

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March 14


Lately I feel we have seen more (figural) money fly out of our hands than ever before; bested only by the WHOOSH felt when closing on our houses. (Figural money = numbers upon numbers of calculations, really.) 1. We are getting a third heat pump installed. Knobby’s office has long been a suffering point.  Think […]

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March 3

Back in the Saddle Again

It’s been a long time since we talked about the voice lessons. I think the last I wrote of it was approaching the Fall recital. Well.  Things have changed. After the recital, my first coach announced that she was moving out of state at the end of the month.  We had only three lessons left, […]

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February 25

Noblesse Oblige

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February 21

Lucia di Lammermoor – Il Dolce Suono

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