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May 5

Through Cancer and Carelessness

Well, that was exciting. Not many minutes after writing the last post, Knobby came up and indulged in a little bedtime snack. Cake. Afterwards, he set the plate down on the kitchen countertop and put Ava on the counter to lick the plate. I was still sitting at my computer, in another room.  I heard […]

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September 9

Minion of Sandwich

We have to get this Disney review done. If for no other reason, that the pictures, which upload to the magical cloud, are so far down the “loading more” at this point that they’re just about to disappear into magical cloud oblivion. I was super-productive today, though, which also means “avoided Disney entry like the […]

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July 12


I’m tired. You’ve been asking for Minion pics. I’ll keep things short. Tuesday, had to go for an outpatient procedure at the hospital.  Hospital feels like an eternity away, Knobby had important meeting, I had Mom come over and watch Minion.  Drove myself (I know.  Whoa.), everything went speedily (especially for hospital time), was driving […]

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June 24

Carolina Inn Wedding Weekend

We attended a wedding this weekend, and turned it into a little mini vacation getaway. Thursday, we drove down to Garm and PopPop’s, in one of the worst rainstorms.  From Marion to Hickory, we crawled.  I say that as “craaaawwwwwwled”.  Couldn’t see past our hood, everyone had their flashers on, it was interstate crawl.  Just […]

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February 25

Just Desserts

For months, I’ve been cleaning up numerous “accidents” from our floors. Months. It was enough to drive me batty.  But add in factors like constant morning sickness, or a burgeoning figure, or newfound Minion responsibility, and guess what . . . you REALLY grow to dislike having to bend down and scrub the floor multiple […]

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December 29

Merry Christmas 2013

I was feeling pretty uncharacteristically positive about the size of my face . . . until I’ve browsed the pictures that Knobby took on Christmas Day just now.  Whew, SCARY. But we can still picture-recap the holiday. Needed a dresser for the Minion’s room, and Mom found this buffet in an antique store.  I’ve been […]

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December 20

Tis the Season

I don’t know about you, but my inbox has been inundated with greed since a month BEFORE “Black Friday”.  Retailer after retailer, all vying and climbing desperately over each other to compete for my attention and my gift-spending allowance. At times, we crested over 980 new emails in Ye Olde Pixy Inbox . . . […]

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November 7

Light Has Come

This morning I woke up to a delicious treat. A paper bag placed by my head, containing a sausage biscuit and hash browns. (Ok, fine.  Two sausage biscuits.) The McDonald’s sausage biscuit may seem like nothing to you, but to someone like me who is rarely operable during their breakfast hours . . . it […]

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October 31

Business As Usual

~YankeeCandle is having their Buy Two, Get Two Free promotion on large candles.  Time for you to stock up on your Christmas candles (or, whatever else you may enjoy).  Me, I’m Balsam & Cedar ALL THE WAY.   One’s house should smell like a Christmas tree for at least four months out of the year. […]

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September 28

Weekend Progress

A weekend of accomplishment! Friday night, Knobby installed this pendant light — Murray Feiss, Parker Place — over my kitchen sink.   I’ve had wires hanging down over the sink ever since we took the fluorescent big ugly strip light down, back whenever I painted my kitchen.  (February?) So, it’s great to have that checked […]

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