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March 6

Forget Campers

I’ve woken up early this morning. I blame my tiny bladder. Laid in bed waiting for sleep to return, but that was a hopeless cause. Drank many sips of water hoping to eradicate the feeling that my innards were as dry as a saltine cracker. Gave up on sleep, dragged myself out of oven-temperature covers […]

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February 6

Feel the Frenzy

Alright . . .TGIF, it’s time for a weekly recap. 1.  Woke up to snow on Monday morning. It was quite a surprise, since the forecast the night before had mentioned nothing whatsoever about snow, and had indicated it would be much, much warmer.  I had to go out for my voice coach that day, […]

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November 7

Pilgrim Jetta

The other day, I drove the new bumpbump to my voice lesson. When I emerged from tormenting the patrons of the music store in which the lessons take place . . . I found that the day had gotten considerably warmer. I started the car.  After I remembered I had to find a key to […]

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October 24

Minion on a Mission

  I know, I know.  You have given up on me because I have basically fallen off of the planet.   But here, cute baby picture.  That shall distract you and make up for the absence, right? Yes.  He is sitting up all over the place, frequently crashing his head down onto the floor — […]

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October 8

Mercedes GLA

The GC had a recall visit due today.  Headliner fire risk. Back when we bought the first GC (2011) we started reading about them on the owner forums.  Now that a formal recall actually happened, we were due for a one hour appointment. Knobby was told one hour when he made the appointment, because they’d […]

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September 3

“Some Monsters Are Real”

Out of the blue, Knobby walked into my office last night, and fired up a YouTube he liked of the Audi RS7’s sport exhaust. “Why not just go back to the S7?  That was plenty . . . so much more power than you ever got to use around here.” “Sport exhaust, woman.”  (+$1k or […]

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August 3

WaterPumps and SeatbeltBags

Good news: The problem with the Jeep was the water pump. Why is that good news?  Still covered under warranty. The dealer service told Knobby that he was overbooked through August 14, but that if he could bring it it and leave it, they’d try to look at it during gaps.  Not like we could […]

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July 29

Jeep Don’t Fail Me Now

  Well, that’s not good. Could smell antifreeze burning on the way back from my hair appointment today. Left the car to madly hiss and steam for an hour or two, then Knobby took it apart. Enough to rule out the easy fixes, anyway.  He thinks it’s the water pump. Sigh. We had heard funny […]

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July 3

Leering and Photobombing

Speedy cars everywhere, and only a Hemi for me. Yesterday there was another new S8 in the parking lot of the new Fresh Market on Hendersonville Road. Sadly, old people were driving it.  Driving it very slowly. Today we parked facing an S7 in the Lowes parking lot. Sadly, they chose the boring silver (and […]

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July 1

Pleased as Punch

*Yawn* Knobby has been on vacation for nearly two weeks now.  Lots of little house improvements have been made. House has been automated.  He’s made an app for our phones which can turn lights on and off, uses Sonos habits and other tricks via the Nest thermostats.  Replaced light switches but we can’t really see […]

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