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March 30

North Carolina, Day One – AKA: Vera Bradley Fest

Our decision to visit home was a sudden one. Knobby’s grandmother was very recently diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. If you’re a somewhat frequent reader of my blog, you’ve probably read that I’m a believer in “signs”.  I’m always on the lookout for, and amazed when, things so obviously happen for a reason. I […]

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January 13

Bad Marks for the Local Jeep Dealer

This doesn’t bode well. Yesterday, Knobby made an appointment with the local Jeep dealer to have a thorough once-over, just to make sure nothing was amiss. The appointment is next week, but Knobby thought he’d stop by this morning on his way to work, because he’s been reading lots of forums and making lots of […]

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October 21

Crate & Barrel: Great Customer Service

Don’t you just love great customer service? It perks my day right up. I want to take a minute to brag about Crate & Barrel today. I ordered this set of four Restaurant Coupe bowls from them on Friday. With some other stuff, like a set of the Eddy stacking wine glasses (so cute!  But I […]

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September 12

Target Practice

Pedestrian entitlement is so aggravating, and it’s only getting worse. It seems like every time we go out now, we encounter having to stop for some imbecile who walks out into the parking lot crosswalk without checking for oncoming traffic. Said imbecile proceeds to slowly saunter . . . not even move at a normal […]

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April 22

J'adore le Chickafil

I love Chickafil (known to the rest of the world by it’s proper name, Chick-fil-A). I miss Chickafil.  (The cornfields are bereft.  The days of the stand-alone Chickafil drivethru I remember as a vision of paradise that I never appreciated until I moved away.) When we drive home, I plan our route and rest stops […]

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