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November 4

Engagement Ring Red Flag

“With a(n engagement) ring, big is usually safe.  The right cut, though, is critical. A friend of mine, I’ll call her Abby, recently announced that she’s divorcing her husband after four years.  I wasn’t surprised.  He gave her a marquise engagement ring.   I’ve known Abby since junior high, and not for one minute was […]

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October 23

No Granite Left Behind.

Brrrrrrrrrrr. I wrote yesterday about the joys of fall, but tonight we zoomed straight past fall and down into PLUG ME IN territory. Oh, I am not complaining . . . no, I dare not complain.  I am hot-natured and a chill in the air is my oftentimes savior.  After all — there is no […]

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June 9

Weekends with Pixy

Let’s see.  Our weekend: Saturday: Woke up around 10, checked phone and ipad for game updates, decided to go back to sleep. Woke back up around noon, when Knobby by then had gotten up and showered and whatnot, and leapt out of bed when I heard the car door slam of some quick visitors.  Threw […]

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September 18

Fellowship of the Ring

I’ve never been able to figure out why, when people we know get engaged, they always want to put up a picture of themselves together. We KNOW what they look like . . . what we REALLY want to know is what the RING looks like. Especially in this day and age of Facebook and […]

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April 26

I Call Her Blueberry.

Shopping, shopping, shopping.  I’ve been doing a lot of it lately. Yesterday, I found myself in the mood to drive, so I left Knobby at home and escaped to the wilds of BedBath&Beyond. (I hear what you’re thinking:  “Wooooo, way to walk on the wild side, Pixy”, but hey, I never go anywhere by myself […]

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April 14

Arboretum Saturday

It seems we’re WoW players again. Yes, Pixy is a nerd.  A nerd who played/plays WoW.  Back in the day, we played a lot . . . if Knobby was home, we were playing WoW. None of that role-playing business, though . . . I see your glances of judgment!  No, there was none of […]

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August 30

An Emerald as Big as Your Baby Bump

I’ll be honest with you . . . . . . I don’t give the tiniest little flip about your pregnancy*. It’s the emerald ring that is important here. We need a lot more on this emerald ring. —– *In fact, you’ll notice I attempted to crop out most of the belly protrusion.  Because Pregnant […]

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August 22

Pixy’s New Bauble: Amethyst Asscher Ring

I have a new bauble to show you today! This one’s been a while in the making.  Back in June of 2009, I commissioned my very first gem to be cut.  Gary Braun of Finewater Gems cut for me this beautiful flawless 9.92 carat 12mm Asscher of Uruguayan Amethyst. I’d been drawn to the Tiffany […]

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July 13

Van Cleef & Arpels – “Kingfisher” Necklace

I subscribe to WWD, which is a daily little newspaper. It tends to stack up on my desk, but that’s alright . . . because it doesn’t quite make it to my house on a daily basis anyway.  More like, two or three days’ worth at a time. I try to keep up more with […]

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July 12

Pixy Legacy

I have something beautiful to show you this morning. This ring has a little bit of a story. (Well, besides the unfortunate ditty of how I managed to nick my finger, unloading the dishwasher.  Moments before the ring’s delivery.  Drats!) I have a friend who I watched acquire this ring.  And I thought it was […]

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