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February 23

Doozy of a Day

Oof. Today.  Was.  A.  Doozy. There was nothing special in particular . . . Minion played a lot, slept a little.  I think he must be going through a growth spurt because there was a constant sense of underlying fuss really close to his surface.  We were just barely fending it off through most of […]

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January 12

Of Choirs and Carpets

I am having a devil of a time deciding on carpet. I could bore you to tears . . . so, simply.  I have always lived on a beige carpet.  I have never really had much say in that matter. For Christmas, my big surprise was Knobby telling me we were going to carpet the […]

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September 5


Irked. I know that to all you every-weekday-workers with your 9-to-5’s will think this is a bit silly. But. I am an introvert.  I am a homebody.  If I have just ONE appointment on my week’s calendar, that’s a day I either dread or simply don’t look forward to . . . and after that’s […]

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August 5

Neverending House Projects

I am all over the place with house projects right now. Mimi’s bedroom has long been the storage space.  All the leftovers and things to catalogue have been sitting in there, and slowly the pile dwindled until it was pushed into JUST the closet (and it is just a little closet, since this house was […]

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July 31

Slap Myself

There are too many tabs open. In Chrome here on my desktop, in Safari on my iPad. There are too many things piled on my desk. Piles of things I put here to keep reminding myself these were things I needed to accomplish, check on, whatever. There are too many projects I am so eager […]

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July 23

Doctors Appointment and Random Houses

I have this annoying sinus headache.  It’s more of an ache on my head than a headache. Take your tube of lipgloss, push it into the arch between your eyebrow and your nose, and that’s how it feels. Sinus pressure. Yay. —- Went to the pediatric urologist today . . . an appointment I’d been […]

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July 1

Pleased as Punch

*Yawn* Knobby has been on vacation for nearly two weeks now.  Lots of little house improvements have been made. House has been automated.  He’s made an app for our phones which can turn lights on and off, uses Sonos habits and other tricks via the Nest thermostats.  Replaced light switches but we can’t really see […]

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June 26

Common Sense: The New National Deficit

Pixy needs a martini. I went out today.  On my own. That’s probably nothing to most of you.  But . . . I don’t like going out.  I like staying home.  I like staying home for more than a week at a time, if possible.  I like WALLOWING in the staying at home. And I […]

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June 24

Carolina Inn Wedding Weekend

We attended a wedding this weekend, and turned it into a little mini vacation getaway. Thursday, we drove down to Garm and PopPop’s, in one of the worst rainstorms.  From Marion to Hickory, we crawled.  I say that as “craaaawwwwwwled”.  Couldn’t see past our hood, everyone had their flashers on, it was interstate crawl.  Just […]

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June 13

Model Homes and Macans

~You well know my snobbery regarding “reality television”.  However, I do admit that my DVR records The Duggars. I know.  I’m a hypocrite.  What can I say — I found their lifestyle and morality refreshingly different from the likes of TrashyHousewivesInForeclosure and DancingWithTheD-List. Anyway.  This season, two of the DuggarDaughters have hooked up with guys […]

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