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August 17

Theme-Park Interlude

Knobby went out today to pick up some essentials at the Walmart. You can tell the residual effects of HarryPotter ThemePark attendance in the Hangouts convo we had during his trip. Screenshot: I really do hate that person. The CouponCutter is worse than The Target Check-Writer. (And you KNOW how much we groan-with-disbelief when we […]

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June 26

Common Sense: The New National Deficit

Pixy needs a martini. I went out today.  On my own. That’s probably nothing to most of you.  But . . . I don’t like going out.  I like staying home.  I like staying home for more than a week at a time, if possible.  I like WALLOWING in the staying at home. And I […]

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June 13

Model Homes and Macans

~You well know my snobbery regarding “reality television”.  However, I do admit that my DVR records The Duggars. I know.  I’m a hypocrite.  What can I say — I found their lifestyle and morality refreshingly different from the likes of TrashyHousewivesInForeclosure and DancingWithTheD-List. Anyway.  This season, two of the DuggarDaughters have hooked up with guys […]

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April 4

They’re Multiplying.

A comment just witnessed on a cosmetic for sale: “I bought this set because of the limited addition Wild Rose Shimmer Brick.” SIGH. More like “LIMITED GRAMMAR”, lady.

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March 12

Thinking Outside the Mailbox

The USPS — that ever-vigilant beacon of precision and accuracy — placed a letter in our mailbox yesterday which was not addressed to us. That, in itself, is no rarity.  I know that there are those of you reading who cannot discern the tone of my cynicism above, no matter how obvious it may be […]

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January 21


Ah yes. The one who reverses . . . this is the veritable Rhodes Scholar of whom I wrote this morning. We wondered as we drove in from our long day at the hospital today and saw the big veering tracks up the grass “what idiot would drive like that???” . . . . . […]

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January 21

An Icy Slip-and-Slide

I’m tired. (Groundbreaking intro there, folks.  Groundbreaking.) Tired and apprehensive. The tired . . . obviously.  Got up yesterday morning, procured my cup of coffee, then decided “You know what?  I’m going to lie back down.” And that’s what I did . . . or planned to do . . . for the rest of […]

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January 14

“She’s Not HERE Today”

There is nothing I love more. Than showing up for an appointment. Only to be told I HAVE no appointment. (This is especially appreciated when I’ve woken up really early. Or had to drive a long distance to make it to my phantom appointment.) —————— This was an introductory appointment at a new general practice. […]

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November 6

USPS Fail #289526

Woefully discovered this morning’s coffee k-cup was the last in the whole entire house. Proceeded to spill half of that last cup all over my keyboard. Took it apart, washed it out, am still waiting to see if it is salvageable. Typing on basic behemoth of a keyboard.  My keyboard is low profile and sleek […]

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November 4

No More 3×5’s

1.  Our useless mail woman strikes again.  Knobby was expecting a package to be delivered by the hated USPS today, went down a few hours before and attached a large post-it note with v.clear instructions that the gate was open, to drive up the driveway and deliver the package TO OUR HOUSE. Of course . […]

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