October 21

Crate & Barrel: Great Customer Service

Don’t you just love great customer service?

It perks my day right up.

I want to take a minute to brag about Crate & Barrel today.

I ordered this set of four Restaurant Coupe bowls from them on Friday. With some other stuff, like a set of the Eddy stacking wine glasses (so cute!  But I use them for water and Coke . . . I like my wine from nice long stemmed goblets.) and a few more Strauss Cordials.  My favorite Italian restaurant in The Wind Tunnel serves their entree salads in these bowls, and I love how wide and low they are.

On Tuesday, FedEx delivered the big 17 pound box to my house bright and early.  I want to interrupt here and declare that I LOVE the packaging that C&B uses.  Nice sturdy squared pillow air wrap around the sides, and this Geami accordion paper around all the goods.  Bonus:  Geami is situated in North Carolina!  I admit that I neatly fold up the squared pillow wrap and the Geami paper and store it in my crafts closet for use later, b/c it’s just that good.  Great for some festive gift packaging!  Thank goodness for no annoying styrofoam peanuts.

So I peel back the pillow wrap, I unwrap the Geami mounds . . . and find that only one of the four bowls survived.  Two had broken straight in half, and the other had cracked into about 10 pieces.  It was a bit of a let-down, but I was glad that ONE had survived so that I could see how they would look in person!

I’m not really sure what had happened . . . I have purchased TONS of tableware, glassware, serveware from C&B, and it has always arrived pristine and in perfect condition.  These bowls were packaged two to a Geami mound, and even though there was an utter cloud of Geami around them, it seemed there was barely any between the two.  Oh well, mistakes happen.

I called C&B right away, very calm, not complaining . . . and I was really impressed with their call center.  Both women with whom I spoke were well-spoken, spoke English (a big plus!!!!  which is getting rarer these days . . . a mighty pet peeve of mine.), and were incredibly well-mannered.  It was more like speaking with a friend . . . who was just as upset about the broken dishes as I was!  Replacements for the three bowls were promptly arranged with no skepticism, and I was even asked if 3-5 day shipping was alright, or did I need them sooner than that.  I usually dread having to make customer service calls, but this was an utter pleasure.

Plus, I was surprised and pleased when a box with my replacements arrived the very next day!

Kudos, Crate & Barrel, I am now . . . more than ever . . . a very impressed, very devoted customer.

And I’m using the bowls for dinner tonight.

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Posted on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 at 12:11 pm. China-holic, Etiquette.