January 2

New Year, New Living Room: Bernhardt

When I make big choices for our house, I always have to fight between two Pixy’s.

There is the Pixy I want to be, the Pixy who makes “adult” decor choices and whose house is “proper” and stylistically monochromatic and would never ever take a risk.  Beige walls, white woodwork, unadventurous artwork, boring yet expensive furniture.  No risks.  This Pixy adores things from the Baker company.  (I really do drool over them, when I know their catalog is that after which I should lust.)  She chooses what she “should” buy if she wanted to admire her home in a magazine.  Twinsets and pearls.  She shall subsequently be known as FormalPixy.

Then there is the Pixy that I have to keep fighting.  The Pixy who loves patterns and colors and details and flourishes and juxtaposition and fun fun fun fun fun  (. . . “But the most wonderful thing about Pixies is I’m the only one”).  THIS Pixy, well, you can’t really nail where the kookiness will be found because it is a random mishmash.  Still expensive most likely, but random mishmash.  There will be leopard print somewhere. This is the Pixy who is responsible for the red patent leather shoes and handbags.  She shall subsequently be known as InformalPixy.

These two are ALWAYS at odds.

FormalPixy thinks this Baker-esque Dylan chair would be an ideal choice.

InformalPixy says that no, this Blaine chair is much more interesting.

The two compromise with the Barrister chair.

Although neither can be sure that she likes those front chair legs.

InformalPixy also throws in a special plea for this lovely large Blaise ottoman.

Occasional chairs finished, we move to the other item on our docket . . . the couch situation.

FormalPixy is staunchly opposed to sectionals.  She says they are not classic and typically too behemoth for a nice living room. FormalPixy opts for this Jordan wood-frame sofa from Bernhardt’s Martha Stewart line. In a beige of some sort. Maybe darker.

InformalPixy thinks a sectional would be cozy and offer a lot of different seating options for movie-watching with the hubs.  Namely, that both of them could stretch out with their legs up during a movie in the glorious light of a 65Samsung with surround sound.   This Covington sectional group couch just happens to be in the exact configuration she wants for the living room.

PLUS, she lurrrrrves the nailhead trimwork.  So she offers up the Lowery sofa as a compromise to FormalPixy.

After all, this Barrington sofa has been in the design book for a long time now, so long that it’s been discontinued.  The big difference between Lowery and Barrington seems to be not just the cushion style and difference in feet, but most importantly, the nailhead trim on Barrington extended all the way to the base of the couch, while the nailhead trim on the inside of the arms seems to stop halfway . . . and that bugs me.  The arms on Barrington seem to be higher too . . .I’m a big leaner, so I think I’d like that.

Neither Formal or Informal Pixy want to deal with these mountains of couch pillows . . . THAT is something upon which they easily agree.

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