April 25

PixyLove for “Downton Abbey”

Perhaps the hockey madness has not taken over your household.

Here, though, in Chez Pixy, you cannot detach Knobby from the approximately 3879651275123 hockey games we have watched in the span of . . . what, two weekends?

It’s exhausting.   By now, I can sit through one . . . or the fifteen “games” he will play on his PS3 . . . but . . . 3823847523480723 hockey games, I cannot sit through that.

SO.  I escaped and hid out in the bedroom and worked my way through “Downton Abbey” for the second time.

(What can I say?  I suppose we’re not varied TV-watchers.  He with his 138608476509821 hockey games, me with the same series over and over.)

(Actually, I’m yearning to leap into the new “Upstairs Downstairs” but can’t make the leap till I watch “Downton Abbey” one. more. time.)

And it was WONDERFUL.  Just as wonderful as the first time . . . maybe even more so because I was noticing lots of little details that I had missed the first time around.

Plus, you know, Maggie Smith . . . if Dame Maggie is in it, it HAS to be fabulous.  If all you know of her is Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter, try “Gosford Park” and “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”.

And Hugh Bonneville . . . I haven’t seen enough of Hugh.  Must work on that.  Even when he’s not playing the character to love (“Mansfield Park” and “Daniel Deronda”), Hugh Bonneville is delectable.

(Or maybe that’s WHY I find him delectable?  Le hmmmmm.)


So a large part of “Downton Abbey” is the juxtaposition of life above  and below stairs in a classic English manor house.  Lots of servant interaction with the family of the house.

It makes me reflect, as I always do, how lovely that life seems.  Knobby always loves to interject here and remind me that IF I had lived in this time and place, I would not have been the family, but one of the servants . . . if I was lucky.  And probably a lower-ranked servant, when I add that I wouldn’t have minded being a lady’s maid.

(He does love to ruin a good fantasy, that Knobby.)

BUT, a girl can dream.  As I imagine anyone does when they watch these pieces.  Dressing for breakfast.  Dressing for foxhunting.  Dressing for garden-walking.  Dressing for luncheon.  Dressing for tea.  Dressing for dinner.

Tea on the lawn.  Tally-ho, cheerio, pip pip, hooray!  Our servants will haul these tables and chairs and china service out onto the lawn, it will be so refreshing.  We will be roughing it.

But why rough it when you live in such grand spaces as these . . .

. . . and have all your spaces attended to by others whose role in the house is to be invisible?

(You love my blurry screencaps, don’t you.)

Meals prepared and served to you in bed,

or silver-service buffet in the breakfast room.

All fine china and crystal, all the time.  And I LOVE the stemware . . . I am on a mission to discover this pattern, because I need it.

Especially the small dainty cordial-sized glass.  Need it, I tell you.

I tried to zoom in . . .

. . . you can’t really see it?  Yeah, neither can I.  SO, I tried to screencap some shots of the nasty footman carrying it around in the opening servant montage . . .

. . . .aaaand I didn’t have much luck.

But Pixy will not rest until she tracks down the stemware.  Rest assured.

In short, I was glossing over how lovely it would be to live like this, waited on hand and foot, meals prepared, all spaces impeccable upon your arrival.

And then I realized . . . That IS how Knobby lives.

The man goes to work everyday, and returns home to . . . a bed that is made, pillows fluffed and arranged, towels folded, rooms clean and tidied, floors groomed, dinner prepared and often brought to him in the office.  After-dinner snacks?  Pixy makes popcorn.

(Ok,  we will not LIE:  rooms are not ALWAYS, you know, neat as a pin.  Sometimes the man has to get his own bath towel out from the pantry.  Sometimes he brings home dinner, too.)

I realized . . . this is why he doesn’t know where things are in the kitchen!  Or in the pantry!  Or the closet!  Or . . . anywhere else!  I mean, if it is not an everyday-use item (deodorant, socks, belt, etc) . . . I am likely to be consulted.

That must be a FABULOUS way to live.  I cannot even imagine the freeing sense of . . . not having to be the one responsible for planning what we are to eat for dinner.  Or on the weekends.  The joy of having it brought to me.  ALL the time.

It was a true Pixy Epiphany, oh yes indeed.



I laughed my head off, when I saw these sketches for the BBC’s Red Nose Day 2011 (charity drive) . . . Uptown Downstairs Abbey.

You probably want to watch the real “Downton Abbey” first, to really get the humor . . . but HILARIOUS!

please install flash
please install flash

(Not really sure why my blog makes these so small . . . working on it, till then just open them up in a normal YouTube window.)

Kim Cattrall?  NAILS Elizabeth McGovern’s tone.  Who would have thought it.

“Tim . . . Tim . . . Tim . . . Tim Tattrall”

Love Jennifer Saunders . . . and back again with Joanna Lumley!  But not half as spectacular as the news that the two are coming back with . . . NEW episodes of AbFab!!

Oh Happy Day.  A second season of “Downton Abbey”, AND a return to TV of the delightfully acerbic duo.

My BritTV love knows no bounds.


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