May 8

China-holic: Raynaud “Bird”

Oh! Oh!

Once China-holic goes to the birds . . . the birds start showing up everywhere!

I first noticed Raynaud “Bird” by the set of four dessert plates.


How lovely and delicate.  I always seem to jump immediately to “wouldn’t this look great hanging on the wall?”  Why do I do that?

I suppose it’s the daily enjoyment factor.  Much better than lying forgotten in a stack or drawer, waiting for a rare and random use.

For more enjoyment . . . What are dessert plates without a Tea Cup to go along?

There’s also a Breakfast Cup but I don’t care for it half as much.

I found these at Gump’s.

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Posted on Sunday, May 8th, 2011 at 9:08 pm. China-holic.