May 18

Birthday Buying

Drive-by . . . Lots of frivolous things, none of much importance (hence, frivolous).

~Have been buying my birthday presents.  Modest presents — I went with several small things instead of the LV bag or gems I’d been contemplating.

~Evened out the place settings of my modern and traditional china patterns.  Yay!  Was tempted to purchase first pieces of about 37287 other patterns which caught my eye while shopping.  Restraint, Pixy.  Restraint.

~Thought about starting on the crystal.  Knobby’s sister was the only person to purchase our wedding pattern, two each of a wine goblet and iced beverage . . . and then I broke one of each of those last year in an accident while rearranging my kitchen cabinets.  So.  It made me think . . . if I was going to change my mind, now might be the time.  Our wedding pattern was very understated and simple – no cuts, platinum band.   Except for the platinum band, you might have mistaken it for any everyday stemware.  And, formal crystal should look like you put a little effort into it, don’t you think?

Then I was reminded why I haven’t “started” on the crystal yet.  My search for crystal is more challenging than navigating the dating world.  The patterns readily available, everything from your $20/stem Noritake to your $40/stem Vera Wang to your $80 Waterford “Lismore”.   Nothing stands out.  I think to myself how everyone coos over how popular “Lismore” is . . . but honestly?  That is not an attractive pattern to me.  Heavy?  Ok.  I do want something substantial, something with heft.  But it’s so blocky.   I can’t get on the “Lismore” train.   It’s not special enough.  Crystal should be the jewelry on your table . . . and “Lismore” is just . . . a class ring.

I try to talk myself into the “Fidelity” Vera Wang stemware.  It has cuts which are relatively pleasant, a shapely form, and at $40/stem it’s not FINE crystal when royalty visits or anything . . . but it could be a perfectly fine placeholder.

And then you say “Placeholder crystal, Pixy?  You need PLACEHOLDER CRYSTAL???  Your husband PREFERS DRIVE-THRU.”

Sigh.  Fine.

Besides, I make my little trek into the little department store, up to their little fine dining/wedding registry area (and really, it IS little.  It is terribly paltry and depressing.  I want MORE, Cornfields, MORE.) . . . and I roll up to the even MORE little crystal stemware selection.  Oh look, there’s “Lismore” . . . it’s even more lackluster in person.  Oh look, there’s “Fidelity” . . . hm.

I always question . . . is it the harsh department store lights?  Does it simply need a good washing?  Is it dirty and dusty and have people’s fingerprints all over it, is that why it’s so . . . DULL?

And I always exit my little mental roundabout with . . . no, it’s just . . . not . . . special.

The search goes on.

And the search neglects to include the fact that the only pattern I love and keep coming back to visit in my web browsing, is one from only one source I’ve found so far . . . and is $115/stem.  It, this $115/stem goblet, is named “Simplicity”.

I’ll just let you soak that one in.

But . . . it has the right curvature and the right bits in the right places . . . and apparently, that is a much harder combo to find than I’m giving it credit.  So maybe all I can do is accept the fact that it’s $115/stem or bust.

And by bust, I mean “Make do with your Crate and Barrel”.


Could you just imagine . . . the horror when your houseguest haphazardly slammed a $115 goblet down on your granite countertop?  Just envision the dinner party . . . as everyone else sits chatting and enjoying their meals, your nerves on tenterhooks every time someone so much as leans towards the table to intercept their forks and spoons.  Each lift and sip, TORTURE.  Your knuckles white from the force with which you grip the arm of your chair.  TORTURE!!!

So then you never let your guests use the crystal that is so dear, and they end up judging you for your $5 Crate and Barrel.  And no one ever enjoys it.  It just sits there in the cabinet.  Safe.

No, I never let the other kids play in my sandbox, either.


But enough about stemware!

Put this together, a little lightweight knit dress from Ann Taylor Loft and a little cardigan from Anthropologie.

Don’t let that cardigan fool you.  I’m so short-waisted it’s basically boobs and hips.  On the mannequin, it looks like it would politely graze the hips, doesn’t it?  Well.  Even though I ordered XL to accommodate before-mentioned bosom, it still manages to feel like it falls just short of my ribcage.

It may be the empire waist of the dress, I don’t know . . . it’s still a nice little pairing.  I like it for the short sleeves, a nice top over the sleeveless dress, but . . . there’s no way it would ever button without my busting out of it.  Anthropologie clearly doesn’t approve of my cleavage.

Had to return the dress today . . . the store had a smaller size which fit worlds better than the one I’d ordered.  Isn’t that a great feeling?  I zipped home in a celebratory mood — seat heaters on, top down — and had some celebratory cauliflower florets and carrot sticks.

Cauliflower:  It tastes so good, but smells so revolting.  Why?


Bought another tub of Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Whipped Body Butter.

Went through the first tub in five months.  A first . . . I NEVER finish a whole lotion container before moving on to another product.

Not so thrilled, though, to discover that NOW they have a free shipping offer, today on the day that my new tub arrived.  It’s only $5 shipping, not the end of the world, but still . . . PEEVISH.  Grrrr.


Went to see “Bridesmaids” tonight.


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