April 13

Easter Break

Whew, I am SLOW on the daily ins-and-outs, aren’t I?

How was your Easter?  We went down to Garm’s house, did a lot of sitting out on the deck.

Coco’s a big fat beast, isn’t she?  Garm’s tablescraps didn’t help very much, either.  (AHEM.)  Ava, as usual, gives us the telling glare of her opinions on having to share her daddy’s lap with this . . . this . . . unrefined DOG.  You just know that’s what she’s thinking.

Knobby made Ava a shirt on CafePress for this trip . . . you can’t see the message, but it reads “That’s it, I’m going to Garm’s house!”.

He’s been on quite the CafePress tear lately . . . I myself have been the recipient of one he made that reads “I’m not spoiled — My husband just loves me!” (he found one on the CP site, but the font was tacky and the maker had forgotten the apostrophe in “I’m”.  Can’t have THAT, you know.), and these gems:

(Ooh, today, in honor of Friday the 13th, CafePress t-shirts are on sale!  Go get some.)

I found the all the deck-sitting to be sort of hilarious . . . most of the time, Knobby and his dad were either inside watching sports, or working on some house projects.  There we sat, Garm and I, out on the deck, under the  giant patio umbrella, birds and squirrels and other outdoor animals zooming about . . . with our faces glued to our iPads.  Ah, nature.

We broke up all the deck-sitting with a little trip out to do some car-shopping.

Flow in Winston had three A7’s, this white one being a Prestige . . . which is our downfall.  Why?  The Prestige is the top trim tier, and we care about NOTHING that it affords . . . except for that one important detail . . . THE VENTILATED SEATS.  Because now, you know, we both can’t live without the ventilated seat.

Extra bonus, the interior on the white Prestige was the nougat that we like.  But.  While I reasonably liked the white A7 from the front . . . I didn’t like it from the side.

I’m not all gung-ho about that sportback, and I think the black exterior did a lot to minimize the effect.  “So why do you want the A7 if you don’t like a sportback?  Why not the A6?”  Simple . . . I don’t like the dashboard styling of the A6, and think the A7’s dash looks better.

Had this one been black instead of white, Knobby claims he might have stayed till Monday and taken it home.  Sure, honey, whatever you say.

Then we drove to the MINI lot . . . and I had to squeal, because how can you not squeal at the cuteness of all those MINI’s all conglomerated together like that?  AND, they even had two Roadsters.  More of the new Coupes, but I’m “eh” about the Coupes.  The Roadsters . . . well, you know I need one in my garage collection.  We’ve all known that for quite some time . . . however, the two on this lot were sort of “eh”.  A silver one, and a black one . . . just . . . not my preferred picks.  But it was really fun to see them in person, nonetheless.

You know what surprised me?  I really liked this British Racing Green color.

And then, I reeeeally liked the Spice Orange.

I never ever would have picked those in the configurator.  But there they were.  And like I said, the Roadster was the real reason I was gleeful to go to the MINI dealer, but the silver and black they had on the lot were just so . . . sort of . . . “bleh” . . . that I got lost over there in the Coupes.

See?  Sort of . . . eh.  Plain.  Cute, of course, because it’s the Roadster!  But . . . plain.

I wasn’t feeling the blacked out wheels, either.  I still love the Roadster despite the blah options I had in front of me . . . I think I’d keep my choice of the Eclipse Gray, though, with black sport stripes down the center of the hood like so:

Cute, non?  I think I’d do the Toffee leather . . . you know me and the “Saddle” interiors these days.

Next up, we’ll discuss a home we found . . . but first, look at this home nearby that desperately needs some love.

It’s not for sale, but just imagine if it were.  Knobby and Mom said “Money Pit” . . . I said “what a beautiful personality”.

Can’t you hear the stories it has to tell?

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