May 25

Driveway Accoutrements and Ventilated Nougat

Ava says hello . . .

. . . but she doesn’t get out of bed for anyone before one in the afternoon.


Knobby saw this pair of lions the other day.  By the time he mentioned, they were way back down the road and I had totally missed them.

I’ve entertained the thought of lion statuary flanking the driveway for a really long time.  Years.  What can I say . . . I like a dramatic entrance.  Obviously, he had to take me back by to see them the other night.

There’s something sort of . . . sad about them, don’t you think?  Something in the way they’re slammed up together, as if nuzzling with the hope that if they stay as close together as possible, someone will buy the two of them and they won’t be separated.

(I know.  I tend to give feelings to a lot of inanimate objects.  Feel sorry for my clothes if they’re laying on the floor, etc.)


We walked around that tractor trailer container . . . and . . .


I gasped.  Ran around and took pics from lots of angles.

That’s my gate.

That’s.  My.  Gate.


Then we ended the night at Target, where . . .

How cute is that?


Tonight we ate at Brixx, did a little moseying, ended up driving by the Audi dealer, pulled in, saw an A7 right away.


Black exterior, check.

Nougat Brown interior, check.

Ventilated seats, check.


It didn’t have the upgraded lights (not a big deal to me, but Knobby cares).

And even bigger BUT:  No adaptive cruise.

If I have to decide between which new feature I don’t want to live without — the ventilated seats or the adaptive cruise . . . wellllllllll, that’s a tough question.

The ventilated seats are obviously my top choice . . . I’m very hot-natured and my life is one long hot flash.  Ventilated seats have been my SAVIOR.  Plus, something I can enjoy while both driving OR being driven.

The adaptive cruise though.  I use the living daylights out of that thing.  I never thought I would . . . especially on non-interstate roads, but that Overland is very very quiet, and the Hemi is very very powerful . . . so after years of being a pretty good judge of speed in our louder rumbly cars, I find it’s super easy to look down and find that I’m effortlessly doing 30mph over.  It just floats!  So yeah.  Even the rural 50mph five-lane out to the house requires the adaptive cruise.  Love it.  Would miss it.

And obviously, if you’re buying it, it better have what you want.

So close, though.  So close.

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