July 4

Losing My Marbles

Rest in Peace, Andy Griffith.

Everybody focuses on the Andy Griffith show today, but you know my fondest Andy Griffith role?  “Old Joe” in “Waitress”.  Love that movie!


Left the house at 10:30 this morning . . . returned at 10:30 this evening.

What did I do in between?

I worked.

I met different workpeople.

It’s funny how you can have the three very same conversation bullets with every workperson that comes out.

Today was the appraiser and the exterminator.  Only, the exterminator could not perform his job because there was too much junk.  I mentioned this earlier, much earlier, and was promptly waved off . . . and even with the exterminator’s validation I’m STILL waved off . . . so fine.  Let’s ALL stick our heads in the sand.

Let’s see.  Then . . .

I worked some more.

Knobby went for a dentist’s appointment while . . . I worked.

Then we went to Lowes.  By way of Tunisia.  We thought I40 to I26 was the easiest route . . . then when we saw traffic backed up the I26 exit and THEN noticed all the traffic at a standstill allllll back across the bridge over I40, well, we decided to divert by way of Smokey Park Highway.  Only, it seemed everyone ELSE had that idea, and what began as a quick jaunt out for a list of materials turned into us sitting ALMOST at a standstill, creeping and inching down Smokey Park Highway, across past Biltmore Lake, over to Biltmore Square Mall, out in front of Biltmore Baptist, down Long Shoals Road, and FINALLY to Lowes.  Lordhavemercy, it took forever.

Days like this I am so thankful for our Overland.  We loaded up two buggies AND one of those flatbed carts.  And with the back seats down we fit every single thing in that great Jeep with ROOM TO SPARE.  See?

(As you can see, we didn’t even have to choreograph the packing!  Pshaw.  We could have gotten another buggy’s worth in there.)

Then we came back to the house.  And worked some more.  I am afraid my Dyson has a short in the cord or something.  “No Dyson, not now, do not break on me.  Don’t you pitch a jealous fit because everything ELSE home-related is being purchased.  NOT NOW!”

There is just way too much on the list of “Must Do” and “Must Buy” to throw in a Dyson (repair) on top.

My very BONES are burning.  And I got black tar all over my suede workgloves.  Le sigh.

Back on the saddle again?


Look at these gorgeous marble samples with which I played the other day.

I know what you’re thinking . . . “TOO BUSY!!!  TOO BUSY!!!!!”  . . .

Yes yes, I don’t think I could pair them together either . . . but the marble was just so beautiful.  It was so cool and heavy and . . . playing with those samples made me want to pave allllllll my interior surfaces in it.

One more . . . I even took a picture of one of the pages in the massive catalog.

Ok. Fine.  Not all my interior surfaces.  That would be overkill.  I’ll restrain myself to bathrooms.

Maybe kitchen.





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Posted on Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 at 1:04 am. MimiHouse.