August 22

Little Minion Charming

A funny little Minion story.

This weekend we went down to visit Garm and PopPop.

(It had been a while since our last visit.)

Well, you know how I love Sephora, and it just so happened that I had bought something online that hadn’t been spectacular, but I was procrastinating shipping it back b/c that would mean I’d have to go out of my way to drop it off at an UPS Store.

(And, you know, heaven FORBID I have to go out of my way.  What torture to go TWO WHOLE MILES off of my usual path to and from Voice!)

I always feel badly about going when we visit, b/c G and P hate the mall.  And we’re there to visit them, not visit the makeup counters.

But . . . I tried to make it quick.

As I stood waiting for my return to be processed, the woman at the next register leaned over, apologized for asking me a personal question . . .

(And when someone starts off a sentence that way, don’t we all have that “oh, we’re in for it” feeling in our stomach?)

. . . and asked “Don’t you have a son?” . . . umm, yes . . .

(He was out riding the escalator with Garm.)

“I’m his girlfriend!!!!!”

Guess what — she was!

Last time we’d visited (two months ago?  three?), it was right at closing time and she had latched on to O while I sped through the store.

As soon as she said that, the woman at MY register chimed in with “OH, WE ALL LOVED HIM!!!!”.

So Knobby had to go out and bring him in so that he could play with lip balm and his “girlfriend” could flirt with him.

We were amazed that she not only would have remembered him . . . but have picked out his parents when he wasn’t even WITH us in the store.

But that’s my O.  Little Minion Charming.

(He didn’t get it from me. Obviously.)

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