September 20


Another day/week, another plan for the house.

It’s now been a full month (and a few days) since The Great Hole in the Wall of 2016.

There was the immediate stage of “OMG this WALL fell in, we have to fix it right away!!”.

Then the decision that if we were going to re-do one bathroom, might as well do both bathrooms over while we were at it.

Followed by “Ok, I don’t WANT to re-do this first floor bathroom b/c I’d rather expand the kitchen into that space”.

Then calling contractors (who, btw, never return your call, tell you that they are booked for the next two years or have no interest whatsoever in your reno work, OR set up an appointment with you . . . and never. show. up.).

Which strayed into “I can make new floor plans on this little house planning program all day long, but Knobby is never going to see those as good enough to hand to a contractor” territory . . . so we met with an architect at the house.  Hired him.   Meet with him in a month or so to get started.

Architect was a good choice.  Since the beginning I’ve felt like we needed an overall plan for the entire house and land; a perfect scheme of where we ultimately want to go with Mimi’s house.

Initially, I wanted this end-scheme so that when we DID ever start some of our larger projects, we wouldn’t waste time or money on doing something in one of our weekend projects that would be torn down or moved again.

But.  There are also some really key problems I have with the house.  Things like:

~ When anyone new (guests, deliveries, etc) approaches our house, it is confusing.  There is no obvious FRONT DOOR.  And that is pretty important to me.  I like a home that gives a good first impression curb appeal . . . a house that greets you and hey everyone, here’s the main entrance!  But besides my shallow decorative desires . . . no one ever makes it to the right door.  People are always trying to ring the doorbell . . . of the basement.  Honestly, this seems small in the grand scheme of things . . . we are not that social, don’t do a lot of entertaining, etc . . . but.  It’s been four years of having to go down into the basement to meet the pizza guy.  Four long years of having the UPS man deliver my Sephora packages to Knobby’s office so that I have to pad out there and meekly confess to buying another lip gloss or moisturizer.

So.  I want a front door.  An obvious front door.  I’d love it to also have a picturesque front porch or something, but I’m not going to push that . . . as long as I can have an obvious Main Door.

~Hand in hand with the Main Door, goes a formal entryway.  I don’t mean marble-floored and gilded mirrors or anything . . . just . . . I want a foyer.  An important part of having people effortlessly arrive at your Front Door, is being able to greet them, take their coats to store in the nearby coat-closet, and NOT be standing in a kitchen.  Or a living room.  Or a dining room.  No, you want to open your FRONT DOOR , usher the people in, and once you get all the hello and how do you do’s done, figure out where to direct them from there.

~The last of the major key problems deals with the usage of all the space in the house.  When built, there was no thought of a convenient Laundry Room.  Hey, even when my parents built their house, about 13 or 14 years after that . . . they still didn’t think a Laundry Room was important.  Mimi walked down the basement stairs to do her laundry in a dim creepy basement through the time I lived here after college until I got married.  Mom had moved up to a first floor Laundry Room a little earlier, when they built an addition to the house.  But now . . . now, obviously, we all have a “Laundry Room” board on Pinterest with anywhere from 300 – 10000 ideas of Laundry Workspace Configuration.

(Oh.  Is that just me?  Yes?  No?)

SO.  I want sensible modern workspaces.  I want an ample amount of counterspace (because I am starved for countertop work room).  I want things to be where they make sense.  I don’t like a Laundry Room to be on a different floor from me (aka, The Laundress) . . . and although I tend to think of a Laundry Room as more in the kitchen/pantry WORK part of the house, I think it makes sense closer to your master closet.  Give it public entry, by all means . . . but maybe have a little hatch through the wall where you can toss your dirty laundry through or something.  Like when you go to the doctor, you have to give a sample, and the Ladies Room has that little double-sided door so that you don’t have to carry the little plastic jar in front of the waiting area.  Take your clothes off and throw them straight in front of the washing machine!


One of the main thoughts the architect threw out during our initial evaluation . . . was to construct an addition on the side of the house, with a designated FRONT DOOR (and designated parking . . . or something . . . I’m not clear but what I did hear, I wasn’t keen on having it where he was motioning.).  Not a huge addition . . . but one that would establish the front door as people approached, plus give me a little foyer hall, PLUS open up the staircase so that it would be a normal staircase . . . one that you didn’t have to hit your head on or duck as you cleared the last few steps.

Getting that solved.  AND getting my kitchen design . . . can you imagine how WONDERFUL that would be?

“Wouldn’t . . . it . . . be loverly.”

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