January 5

Winter . . . Is Here.

Happy New Year!

More than ever, The Holidays (being the entire stretch of Thanksgiving through New Years) . . . The Holidays are nothing if not the Survival of the Fittest.

. . . And I am not the fittest.

But I (we) managed to limp and drag myself through, anyway.

Minion Update:

Minion is no longer contained.  Nope, that child is ON THE LOOSE.

He climbs out of his crib.  He climbs in and out of his own high chair.  He opens his snack packages, gets his own utensils out of the drawer, even carries his dirty dishes back to the kitchen counter afterward.  We don’t bother with the kid plates/utensils anymore — haven’t bothered with those for a while now.

(I still rely on the plastic sippy cups, though.  It’s purely selfish — I’m tired of cleaning up sticky floors every time I turn around.)

Can mostly put on his own clothes.  (Still doesn’t keep me from having to say “PUT ON YOUR PANTS, SIR” 32986 times a day, though.  WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FORCE SOMEONE TO WEAR SOME PANTS???)

And best of all?


Do you know how GLORIOUS it is, to travel WITHOUT a laundry basket’s worth of Huggies, three boxes of wipes, another pack of Nighttime Nappies, diaper rash cream, etc?

Don’t bother, I’ll tell you.  It IS glorious.  We went to Garm and PopPop’s after Christmas, and we ALL fit our things in a single suitcase.  Four night nappies and a few “just in case” pull-ups, plus a wipes clutch.

And . . . getting the stinky Diaper Genies out of our house????


This is the first year he understood Christmas.  He took his toy chainsaw to the car wash that doubles as the nearest Christmas tree lot.  He started learning Christmas songs.  On the way to Neighbor’s church cantata, we were doing our usual toddler chatter, and Knobby brought up “O, do you know why we celebrate Christmas?”.

This was one of those hypothetical-type questions . . . of course we didn’t expect a response.  No, we were going to soar into some toddler-appropriate Intro to Christmas explanation.


No need for that, either . . . because lo and behold, from the backseat comes the super-confident “Baby Jesus born in Bethlehem”.

. . . Well, ok then.  Schooled by a not-quite-three year old.

Other Christmas favorites included his first favorite song — “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way.  Oh what fun it is to ride, onehorseopensleighHELLO!”.  That ends in a really fast run, with the attached “HELLO” better explained as Ricky Ricardo bongoing through some Mexican show at the club, ending with a loud flourished “OLE!”.

Also:  “Oh come let us adore him, CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIST the LORD.”

Love this kid.

House Update:

Plans have been decided . . . now we wait on the full final detailed construction plan.

Contractors have been met, estimates are coming in any day now.

I need to begin packing things up and moving them into storage, pronto.

Most of the materials/finishes/components have been selected.

Finances are . . . hopefully done.  I write that with fingers crossed . . . as our reno is pretty surely past the purchase price of our first home at this point.

Not enough pharmaceuticals in the world.


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