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September 14

Marchesa by Lenox: “Palatial Garden”

There I was, sitting on the couch this weekend, innocently flipping through the latest Bloomingdale’s circular. Little did I know that I was about to stumble upon . . . my next china acquisition. And here I thought I had quelled the China-holic for a while . . . Marchesa by Lenox, “Palatial Garden”. “Like […]

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August 23

Best Beginnings

The best way to start the day. Two cups, Earl Grey tea. Sweetened with a dollop of honey. The clink of your fine china teacup against it’s fine china saucer. Four Biscoff cookies.  (“The Airline Cookie!”) Handel playing on Pandora. The luxury of sitting in your pajamas, sipping and watching. Waiting for the first little […]

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May 30

Crystal Clear

A few posts ago, I mentioned breaking my “fancy” crystal wine glass and goblet. Here they were, before the unfortunate event.  I had just two of each — Knobby’s sister gave them to us as wedding presents, and they were next on my list to complete after I finished the china. Noritake “Paris”.  I chose […]

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May 19

Breaking Point

Ever have one of those days where you voluntarily decide to take yourself out of the game before anything else goes wrong? Yeah.  That’s my day today.  While putting away the martini shaker in an upper cabinet, it started to tumble, and somehow fell at just the right angle to take out not one, but […]

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May 10

The Birthday Planner

My birthday is fast approaching.  The Big 3-0.  Sobering. I’m so conflicted.  I’m the shallow materialistic type of person who . . . well, LIVES for events which involve presents. There, I admit it.  I just love things. The “Shopaholic” books are more like a biography. I basically exist by the leapfrogging from Christmas to […]

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April 14

China-holic: Formal China

Hello.  My name is Pixy.  And I’m a china-holic. I often think china is a lost art these days.  I salivated over a set in “Pushing Daisies” used by Chuck’s two aunts.  I laugh when I watch “Gossip Girl” and see that high society Lily van der Woodsen has a full set of . . […]

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