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May 3

Spring Cleaning: Office

My house is in a state of uproar. It is five years old.  And the carpet is beginning to show it’s age.  Five years of tromping all over it, five years of dogs vomiting, four years of a new puppy who can’t have her daddy come home from work without losing her bladder’s contents in […]

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February 25

Cleaning with Vinegar

I was asked how I clean the Keurig with vinegar. I think Keurig recommends people with hard water to fill the machine with bottled water, but honestly that’s just not going to happen here. I don’t like the taste of our tap water, so I do drink bottled water on it’s own. With the tea […]

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February 24

Go Big or Go Home

Let’s see what’s on our docket for today. 1.  Today is the official Pixy-declared Day of Vinegar. ~I am running Vinegar through a massive sanitary tub-cleaning cycle on my front-loading washing machine.  Important to do once a month or so to keep mold and it’s icky smells at bay. ~I am running Vinegar through the […]

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