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January 5

Winter . . . Is Here.

Happy New Year! More than ever, The Holidays (being the entire stretch of Thanksgiving through New Years) . . . The Holidays are nothing if not the Survival of the Fittest. . . . And I am not the fittest. But I (we) managed to limp and drag myself through, anyway. Minion Update: Minion is […]

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September 20


Another day/week, another plan for the house. It’s now been a full month (and a few days) since The Great Hole in the Wall of 2016. There was the immediate stage of “OMG this WALL fell in, we have to fix it right away!!”. Then the decision that if we were going to re-do one […]

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September 4

Repair Replace Renovate

Y’all . . . I’ve been feeling that I needed to update the sole reader who might be out there wondering what has been going on with our surprise hole in the wall. I honestly thought I’d recapped something by now, but . . . no, you, sole reader, have sadly been left all out […]

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August 15

Wet Sand

Y’all. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. The symbolic present for this one was “steel”, so we made a joke about replacing our shower faucet.  Being brushed steel and all. Knobby tired of me debating five different ones that I would order, so he rushed us to a big box store to make me pick out […]

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July 11

Renovation Relics and Tubthumping

I told Mom the other night, that perhaps Mimi did NOT approve of my painting the doors and trim all white, and she was expressing her displeasure by striking down all these necessaries in our house. (I was only half joking.  You don’t mess with Mimi, here or in Heaven. She will take you OR […]

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July 4

Valium. Vicodin. Vodka.

Isn’t there a saying, about how bad things happen in threes?  Almost immediately after the entry level sedan windows were installed in our house, some parts of our main bathtub plumbing gave up the ghost.  I can only assume that they were envious that the original windows got to stop working after so many years […]

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June 24

Minion Goes to a Wedding

  My cousin got married last weekend.  We were the worst wedding guests. I was actually quite on top of things . . . Minion had stayed overnight at GrannyB’s, and she dropped him off about two hours before go-time.  I’d already checked driving times via the Googles, and I was calling out our time […]

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March 14


Lately I feel we have seen more (figural) money fly out of our hands than ever before; bested only by the WHOOSH felt when closing on our houses. (Figural money = numbers upon numbers of calculations, really.) 1. We are getting a third heat pump installed. Knobby’s office has long been a suffering point.  Think […]

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June 18

Valium for GrandmaPixy

I’m not v.interesting lately, am I. I feel tired, and don’t get great sleep.  I ache all over . . . at times my joints, especially my thumbs, feel warm and bother me . . . my right shoulder, I don’t know WHAT I’ve done to it but when trying to push myself up off […]

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June 10

“Cest la fille dun roi.”

I suppose you have given up on me, I’ve been absent from the blog for so long. But I’m still here.  Just busy, or resting from the busy. I’ve had a little break from Voice, since the recital.  I resume lessons soon, and I’ve been deliberating what we will tackle next.  I found myself stuck […]

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